BASF and Origin develop unique solution for printing Class A finish parts

BASF and strategic partner Origin, an open platform additive manufacturing printer provider collaborate for the future development of photopolymer printing process. The initial results demonstrate outstanding detail accuracy and mechanical stability with Origin's unique programmable polymerization process (P3). Origin's open platform coupled with BASF's material enables the sharpest possible focus on end-customer applications to meet even the most challenging requirements:

Mechanical properties

Quality of the printed parts

Quality of the process and tracking mechanisms

Optimal texturing ability

High resolution

Surface finishing

Increased production throughput


DLP (Projector) technology enables fast accurate 3D scanning & printing for a variety of applications

3D printers powered by DLP are compatible with all our Ultracur3D photopolymers.
DLP technology enables fast and accurate 3D scans using structured light for industrial, medical and security applications. Fast, programmable pattern rates acquire 3D scan data in real time delivering high quality, high bit depth patterns for accurate scans with resolutions as low as a few micros. You can develop handheld, portable systems.

Large vat / Top DLP

365*385*405 nm

Small DLP / Bottom DLP

345*395*405 nm


Selective exposure tolight by projector
Selective exposure tolight by projector
DLP 3D printers use a digital projector screen to flash a single image of each layer across the entire platform at once. Because the projector is a digital screen, the image of each layer is composed of square pixels, resulting in a layer formed from small rectangular bricks called voxels.

DLP Technology is the best for:

One-off small and very intricate parts

Quickly printing large parts without much detail