Photopolymer Jetting

Photopolymer Jetting combines high accuracy (down to 16 µm layer height and tight tolerances) with the possibility to combine more than one material in the same print. Furthermore, it is possible to dynamically mix materials and create “digital materials” with new characteristics. For example, it is possible to print rubber like materials targeting a specific Shore A hardness.

Another key feature of Jetting is the ability to print with transparent resin. A popular use case is to print distinct white or black structures within a transparent shell – a useful way to visualize complex biologic structures or the inner workings of complex prototypes.

~0.15% with a lower limit of 0.2 mm


  • Very high accuracy and resolution
  • Very smooth surface; fine layer lines can be easily removed
  • Can combine different materials

Jetting Technology is the best for:

Sophisticated Prototypes

Transparent multi color and multi material


Partnership based on trust: BASF collaborates with these Jetting experts: